Friday, January 01, 2010

Guiding words

I've been thinking deeply over the past few days about what words, verses, and thoughts should guide me through the next year, and indeed the next decade. I've decided to go with two words:


I struggle with focus. Often my mind and heart have divided ambitions and loyalties. These aren't all bad, by any means. In fact, many of the things that vie for my attention are good and godly. However, I have recently begun to recognize how paralyzing my lack of focus can be. Multitasking is great in theory, but I'm beginning to see how many of the greatest people I know are people of focus. They know how to give themselves wholeheartedly to a task and see it through to completion. More importantly, the most focused people I know and admire are people with an amazing God-ward attention. They know how to focus their energies toward God in all of life. I need focus.


The Gospels present compelling pictures of Jesus, and I'm struck at their presentation of Jesus as a man of rhythm. He has a God-ordained rhythm to his words, his actions, his life. In addition, many men of God from whom I've drawn inspiration over the last decade are also men of rhythm. Their lives are guided by deep, godly principles. They truly are not conformed to this world, but have been transformed by the renewing of their minds. I want to find God's rhythm for my life. I need rhythm.

These aren't New Year's Resolutions. These are deliberate and prayerful ambitions for the rest of my life.