Saturday, February 06, 2010

Rob Bell's advice on preaching

No one wants crappy sermons.

Actually, he shares much more advice in this Leadership interview. Great insight from one of the best Christian communicators today.


Big thanks to Swiss-Miss who alerted me to a new site called CoverSpy. The site description:

A team of publishing nerds hit the subways, streets, parks & bars to find out what New Yorkers are reading.

Their findings are posted as cover shots. Very cool indeed.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Roger Ebert rules

Why is Roger Ebert considered the greatest living film critic? Sentences like this:

I was surprised how much I laughed during "Juno," and then surprised how much I cared, especially during a luminous scene when the woman who will adopt her baby (Jennifer Garner) solemnly places her hand on Juno's pregnant belly and the two exchange a look so beautiful that if I'd known it was coming I don't know if I could have looked.