Saturday, November 19, 2005

Book this one

Over the past decade, I have developed a deep appreciation of and love for good books by thoughtful authors on spirituality. I have an extreme weakness for buying books, which can be harmful living in the vicinity (as I do) of over 15 discount bookstores. However, I would best describe my reading habits as sporadic -- I rarely make it through an entire book before another one gains my interest. So sometimes it takes several months to finish a book, if I finish it at all.

Contrast this with my father. While I peruse books, he actually reads them, cover to cover, often more than once. So his voice and thoughts are to be taken seriously, certainly more seriously than mine. Luckily, he's just entered the blogosphere, blogging at "spiritual literacy,"and intends to share much of what he's been reading and thinking.

Add it to your blogroll and visit it often.

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Mello said...

Thanks, son! Just the interest you've shown in reading makes me proud.