Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Newness of (congregational) life

One year ago I embarked on a pastoral adventure in Greeneville, along with my wife and our two-month old son. Although our official first service wasn't until November 23, this evening 52 weeks ago was the final time we had to face the congregation members and their questions.
In the year since, we have realized just how naïve we were - and often still are - and also how faithful and great God is.
With a year under my belt and having gained at least some credibility with the congregation, I have prayerfully decided that the best thing for us to do is totally reinvent ourselves in 2005. The church was actually started more than 25 years ago, but between six pastors and as many locations, plus the addition and subtraction of over 100 members, we currently sit at 11 members, two teens, three children, and one attender.
We have a keyboard, drums, and an acoustic guitar, but no one to play them. We have Sunday School during Sunday morning worship service. We have a Sunday evening service and a Wednesday evening prayer and Bible study service.
I have decided to blog my thoughts, desires, ideas, beliefs, doubts, fears, worries and thrills on this website at least for the next year. If nothing else, it will serve as a sounding board for my own review. Perhaps it will come to be important to someone else in their salvation journey.
Your comments, advice, criticism, and encouragement are invited and always welcome. Thanks for your prayerful support as I endeavor to do something I feel utterly incapable of doing. Yet, somehow, I believe...

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