Saturday, October 02, 2004

On doing

Opened Brennan Manning's Abba's Child today and found this passage:

Every time the Gospels mention that Jesus was moved with deep emotion for people, they show that it led Him to do something – physical or inner healing, deliverance or exorcism, feeding the hungry crowds or intercessory prayer. Above all, it moved Him to dispel distorted images of who
He is and who God is, to lead people out of darkness into light. (pg. 111)
More importantly, Jesus didn't just do something, he always did the right thing -- in perfect obedience to the Father. Today I'm afraid many "Christians" are often moved with deep emotion, but they do the wrong thing, or even worse, do nothing.

Reminds me of a recent e-mail I received in which the subject line read "Experience Mission - Watch Videos." How many churchgoers get no further into the mission of Jesus Christ except as a spectator in a weekly worship service? How many live vicariously through the missionaries they support financially, when Jesus is calling them to engage in their own culture, heal their own people, do their own preaching?

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